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    Diagram API 20E Screw production flow --20E1 -20E2 -20E3 Stud Nut

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    Diagram API 20E Screw production flow --20E1 -20E2 -20E3 Stud Nut

    Diagram API 20E Screw production flow --20E1 -20E2 -20E3 Stud Nut

    Origin: WeiGao standard in2017 for API 20 e 20 f after double card, not anxious to API production screw, the second is related organization leadership and technical personnel to learn standard, used for about a year time to dig through the standard, and in the case of haven't customers, drive the extraordinary ROM always decide a batch customization of more than 400 tons of conform to the specifications of raw materials, from the source control, strict requirements, to mass production of the API only become truly fastener manufacturers, seize the market opportunities, one of the leading enterprises in the industry, for subsequent continuous customer orders ready to the full.Luo said: only high standard ASTM/ASME series fasteners is the industry model, now the API series fasteners to make the industry model.This is the drive and confidence of the man at the helm!

    Raw material specially made for API fasteners

    Stand up to customer inspection

    The blanking machine is running at high speed

    API material is cut

    API fasteners - heat treatment

    API fasteners - CNC machining

    API fasteners - CNC machine tools are machined

    Type A twin stud semi-finished product

    API fasteners - CNC machine tools are machined

    Fully threaded stud light round semi-finished product

    API fasteners - rolling wire

    API fasteners - semi-finished products

    API 20e-1 (type A twin stud)

    API 20E-2 (full threaded stud)

    API 20E-2 (type A twin stud)

    API 20E-3 (full threaded stud)

    API fasteners - bulk finished products

    API fasteners - product surface phosphating

    There is also a choice of surface plating color zinc

    Phosphated API 20E Nuts

    Phosphated API 20E Studs

    API 20E-1 Studs - Nuts finished product - plated with yellow zinc

    API 20E-1 Studs Nuts -PTFE teflon coating

    API 20E-2 Nuts finished

    -- yellow zinc plating

    API 20E-3 Nuts finished

    -- yellow zinc plating

    API 20E-2 Studs Nuts -PTFE teflon coating

    API 20E-3 Nylon lock Nut finished

    -- blue and white zinc plating

    API 20E-3 Nylon lock Nut finished
    - stop gauge assurance

    API fastener inspection file - large stack

    It also includes the inspection report of the commission

    API fasteners - packaging of finished products


    API fasteners - finished product packaging - packing

    -- attached inspection report

    API fasteners - finished product packaging
     - complete packing

    API fasteners - export airfreight delivery of finished products

    After looking at the above diagram API fastener production process, do you think that the production of API screws is not so simple?!It's not easy, every process has to be controlled.In particular, raw materials and heat treatment pass, the two gateways for an important process.Unqualified raw materials, the follow-up process is not qualified products.The rest of the heat treatment process is the core process, only high has 2 advanced heat treatment production lines, in 24 hours non-stop for high-quality fasteners escort!

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    At the early stage, with the help of Suzhou Valve Factory of China Nuclear Industry Group, in 1995, the company started to provide high pressure fasteners that were fully compliant with ASTM standard series for Suzhou Kaifu Valve Factory, a joint venture of the United States company CIRCOR and Suzhou Valve factory. Since then, the company has embarked on a path of cooperation with internationally renowned companies. The well-known manufacturers we are serving are: Neways Valves, KITZ, LARSON & TOUBRO LIMITED (Chinese factory), THEWM POWEU COMPANY (Chinese factory), NEWCO-NEWMANS DIV (Chinese factory), China Huanqiu Engineering Co., Ltd., Yitai Coal Industry, Sinopec, China Founder, and other well-known domestic and international high-quality companies.

    To produce high-quality fasteners is our commitment to customer. Pure-minded, we are concentrated on our specialized field. Over the past decades, we have been consistently sticking to the operation idea of conscientious operation, whole-hearted service, and the pursuit of perfection, striving to build a high quality image of fasteners bearing the “Y” sign in the industry. We will firmly establish the awareness of “quality Priority”, and gradually realize a high degree of standardization and international sales management.

    Note: API 6A Ed-21 officially defines the industry specification for wellhead fasteners!