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    Website name: Zhejiang Weigao Standard Parts Co.,Ltd.
    Name: Mr. Cheng Xi (Regional Manager)
    Tel: 022-58627082
    Fax: 022-58627083
    Cell phone: 15222898788
    Address: Tianjin city Nankai District Xiangyang Road Street Nanniwan Road No. 6 (Tianjin City Knitting Factory Hospital) A block 120
    To: 300112
    Q Q number: 125170091
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    Weigao Culture

    Corporate Vision: spare no effort to build the No.1 brand in China's fastener industry!
    Corporate spirit: Pure-minded, we are concentrated on our specialized field!
    Corporate tenet: to build brand based on quality and seek development based on quality!
    Business philosophy: conscientious operation, whole-hearted service, and the pursuit of perfection!
    Our motto: success does not result from hard work itself, but from the persistence in hard work after success! 

    Weigao Philosophy

    “Persistence makes improvement; specialization makes progress”. In order to fulfill our commitments, we have been on the road.

    Without the lofty spirit of quality, we cannot create high-quality standard fasteners. Weigao has decades of experience in production technology, through which we have extracted this craftsman spirit of attention to accuracy, which helped to form a strong manufacturing and technical team, which is boosting Weigao to go wider and farther.

    Pure-minded, we are concentrated on our specialized field. Over the past decades, we have been consistently sticking to the operation idea of conscientious operation, whole-hearted service, and the pursuit of perfection, striving to build a high quality image of fasteners bearing the “Y” sign in the industry. We will firmly establish the awareness of quality first, lead the industry direction, and gradually realize a high degree of standardization and internationalization of production technology, engineering services, and sales management.

    Weigao Honor

    1. The company has been granted with the “Industrial Production Advanced Collective" award and the “Annual Financial Contribution Award" by the local government for many years;

    2. In June 2014, the company was successfully included in the list of qualified standard enterprises in production safety;

    3. In March 2015, the company was included in the 2014 "Top Ten High Growth Companies" by the local government;

    4. In March 2015, the company was included in the 2014 "Top Ten Harmonious Enterprises” by the local government;

         5. Supplier of PetroChina; 
         6. Qualified supplier of China Huanqiu Engineering;
         7. Silver supplier of Cameron Newman Valve (Yancheng);
         8. Best Improved Supplier of Neway;
         9. Long-term contracted supplier of fuels for PetroChina;
         10. Long-term contracted supplier for Inner Mongolia Yitai Coal Co., Ltd.

    Our internationally renowned customers: U.S. company Crane, Japanese company Kitazawa, Tyco Flow Control, China Founder, KTTZ, Zhongshan Tiewang and other major high-quality companies.